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sound work:
Green Moss
(6 mins 33 seconds)

The words and ideas in Green Moss formed as I was running my regular 5K during lockdown, in response to an invitation to contribute to Clouds and Tracks: 'an audio project that seeks to collate sound works to reflect the strange and unsettling times we’re living through', curated by Volker Eichelmann and John Hughes, Kingston School of Art. Recorded on zoom, and later processed in Logic Pro, I recount the challenge of running 5K inside my house, and the experience of venturing out again, whilst respecting 'distancing'.

The green moss in my backyard is my touch point during 'home' running, and offers a symbolic anchor to counter the turmoil brought about by Covid-19. The capacity of moss to purify the air, accentuates its significance during the pandemic, throughout which the air seems to become the malefactor.

Green Moss was broadcast as part of Clouds and Tracks
collation of sound works,
by Radiophrenia on 14th Nov. 2020.


Clouds and Tracks is an audio project initiated by John Hughes, Volker Eichelmann and Jenna Collins that invites artists and writers to share sonic works and experiments highlighting joint preoccupations.

Clouds and Tracks’ first iteration collates sound works conceived and realised since the spring of 2020. Contributions chart participants’ thoughts, feelings, driftings and wanderings since the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic, providing a sonic snapshot of the strange and unsettling times we are living through.

Clouds and Tracks – Audio Circular I is released as weekly transfers from 25 May until the end of July and features audio works by Holly Antrum, Sarah Bennett (with Paul Ramsay), Angus Carlyle, Rachel Cattle, Jenna Collins, Ilsa Colsell, Volker Eichelmann, Mireille Fauchon, SJ Fowler, SL Grange, John Hughes, James Irwin, Sylvia Lim, Lucie McLaughlin, Liz K Miller, Christian Newby (with In a Skull), Alex Pollard & Luke Pendrell, Ben Redhead, Mónica Rivas Velásquez, Daniel Shanken, Andrea Stokes, Anne Tallentire, Mia Taylor, Mandy Ure, and Mark Peter Wright.

'A transfer, a large transfer, a little transfer, some transfer, clouds and tracks do transfer, a transfer is not neglected.'
Gertrude Stein, Tender Buttons
Sound Design - Paul Ramsay      



See Hestercombe website:
Hestercombe Gardens
Cheddon Fitzpaine
Taunton, TA2 8LG

Bane (2020) is a new work made for Open-Up - a series of outdoor works for Hestercombe commissioned by Art Director Tim Martin as we emerge from lockdown, during the Covid-19 pandemic that 'reflect on these unprecedented times'.

Bane features pathogenic designations - be they fungal, bacterial, viral or parasitic - punched onto copper plant tags and placed throughout the three historic gardens, and devised through conversations with Head Gardener: Claire Greenslade.

Copper’s significance lies in its antimicrobial properties and potential applications - copper infused masks, and copper alloys being used in medical settings.

Artists featured in Open-Up are Richard Long, Sarah Bennett, Megan Calver with Gabriella Hoad, Jon England, Jo Lathwood, Philippa Lawrence and Lucy Soni.

Sarah Bennett-Bane: Diplocarpon rosae (2020)
Bane: Diplocarpon rosae (2020), Copper
Sarah Bennett-Bane: Pseudomonas syringae PV delphinii (2020)
Bane: Pseudomonas syringae PV delphinii (2020), Copper
for more visit the Bane page

The (NotSo) Short Fest

December 7, 2020 –
February 21, 2021

The (NotSo) Short Fest is a 5-hour collection of video shorts created by Transart Institute’s MFA students, faculty and advisors from around the globe.

Conceived, compiled, and curated by Jean Marie Casbarian (faculty + advisor), the festival celebrates the creative
minds of these international artists over the span of 16 years since the inception of this unique, international low-residency MFA and PHD program.

Safe-keeping (custodia), (2014)
by Sarah Bennett
is being shown as part of Chapter 1
The (NotSo) Short Fest: festival image

Enough is Definitely Enough

Private view:

6-9pm, all welcome
Pineapple Black, Hillstreet Shopping Centre, Middlesbrough, TS1 1SU

Oceans Apart,
24-26 King St,
Greengate, Salford,
Manchester M3 7DG

General Practice,
25 Clasketgate, Lincoln,

Over 40 contemporary artists have made new artworks in response to a postcard version of Velázquez’s masterpiece, Las Meninas for an exhibition at Oceans Apart in Salford. ‘Enough is Definitely Enough’ which opens on 7th March and runs to 3rd April, features a huge variety of artistic responses to the Spanish painter’s masterpiece - arguably the most widely interpreted of all paintings.

The exhibition is curated by Andrew Bracey and forms part of his PhD research at the University of Lincoln. He is exploring how contemporary artists have used and appropriated existing paintings by other artists, through a position of using the metaphor of the parasite and symbiosis in connection with painting.

Participating Artists:
Euripides Altintzoglou, Tristram M Aver, Maggie Ayliffe, Sarah Bennett, Juan Bolivar, Andrew Bracey, Louise Bristow, Kate Buckley and Nick Simpson, Louisa Chambers, Fiona Curran, Gordon Dalton, Karen David, Annabel Dover, Steve Dutton, Leo Fitzmaurice, Rebecca Fortnum, Rachel Goodyear, Simón Granell, Tom Hackney, Sharon Hall, Lesley Halliwell, Simon Harris, Sarah R Key, Ilona Kiss, Geoff Diego Litherland, Cathy Lomax, Rachel Lumsden, Danica Maier, David Manley, Enzo Marra, Andy Pepper, Yelena Popova, James Quinn, Daniel Rapley, Lucy Renton, John Rimmer, John M Robinson, David Ryan, Stephen Snoddy, Soheila Sokhanvari, Annabel Tilley, Alun Williams, Gerard Williams

Download Press Release

Sarah Bennet: 'Viewing device for Las Meninas' (2019)
Viewing device for Las Meninas (2019)

While Velázquez’s Las Meninas has attracted extensive scrutiny and analysis,
my own scrutiny of the reproduction of the masterpiece
(on the postcard Andrew sent me) involved:
multiple magnifying devices;
a digital photograph transferred to 35mm slide;
and a hand held viewfinder -Sarah Bennett

 Enough is Definitely Enough poster

We Are Publication:
t  h  e      H O L D


Exhibition Launch:


t  h  e      H O L D is an exhibition by the artists’ group We Are Publication (WAP) and consists of posters, a soundscape, a hand-woven carpet, and a series of live events all set within an expansive sculptural display structure occupying the gallery space.

t h e H O L D exhibition image

t  h  e      H O L D
features contributions from Sadegh Aleahmad, Jonathan Allen, Holly Antrum, Bill Balaskas, Sarah Bennett, George Charman, Rachel Cattle, Jenna Collins, Ilsa Colsell, Craig Cooper, Edward Dorrian, Volker Eichelmann, Abbe Fletcher, Adam Gillam, Keira Greene, Melissa Gordon, Bruce Haines, Felicity Hammond, Mark Harris, Ayano Hattori, John Hughes, James Irwin, Maureen de Jager, Gareth Jones, Simon Josebury, Marianne Keating, Dean Kenning, Lau Chak Kwong, John Lawrence, Bill Leslie, Anna Lucas, Stine Ljungdalh, Katy Macleod, Rachel Mader, Russell Miller, Christian Newby, Louis Nixon, Rupert Norfolk, Tom O’Dea, Alex Pollard, Elizabeth Price, Mónica Rivas Velásquez, Joey Ryken, Daniel Shanken, Andrea Stokes, Stephen Sutcliffe, Charlotte Warne Thomas, Andy Tam, Erika Tan, Maryam Tafakory, Mandy Ure, Sebastian Utzni, Roman Vasseur, Mark Aerial Waller, Steven Warwick and Matt William.

Right image:

Details of 'Bummock: Tennyson' - a show of three (temporary) public artworks by Sarah Bennett, Andrew Bracey and Danica Maier


Download flyer here
Bummock: Tennyson flyer 2019
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