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safe-keeping (custodia)

  Safe-keeping (Custodia) 2014, examines the affective potential of wrapped and unopened bundles of clothes and personal belongings taken from patients on entering the former psychiatric hospital - Santa Maria Della Pietà, in Rome.

These 'fagotti' were never reclaimed when the hospital closed in 1999. They are now in the archive of the Museo Laboratorio Della Mente on the site of the former hospital.

"Confinement, and that slow process of dehumanisation generated by the psychiatric institution began thus, with the separation of the person from his books, photos, glasses, shoes and clothes; not only objects but memories too – the remnants of intimacy, the fragments of social identity".

Martelli, P., Museo Laboratorio della Mente

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Fagotto, Sarah Bennett 2012

Facsimile fagotti were recreated in the studio and a series of choreographed actions were developed to enact the imagined and repetitious acts the fagotti evoked: tying and untying, caressing, stroking, scratching, compressing, twisting, and turning the parcels over and over.

detail from four channel video installation

It is the possibility of creating an affective environment that Safe-keeping (Custodia) explores through four videos (Breathing, Twisting, Scratching, Turnover/Turnover) installed at the Museo Laboratorio Della Mente from 31 October - 30 November 2014.

detail from four channel video installation

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